Tow Girls

A kiss, a hug, her phone is ringing, no! Come here, stay with me don’t pick up.. Let me see
“- Hello mom
– Where are you?
– In the coffee shop
– Ok, when you come home, we need to talk!”

A silence, a sigh, confusion.. They left the house, their little heaven, hand in hand. Two girls walking a long road no different from any others, walking unnoticed but by catcallers invading the streets of Tunis, walking together, their eyes filled with fear and love, fear from the eyes of the people who will go medieval on them if they were to be found out.

Of course, people like them are like Cholera in the society, “a storm shaking God’s throne”! As if it was so steady under the storm of the people’s hypocrisy, lies and hate for each other, as if “God’s throne” was just waiting for two girls to love each other to shake!

A lot of fear, but in the middle of it all, they were holding hands with a lot of strength and love for each other, with a lot of perseverance and patience in front of the cruel words and the social hypocrisy.

They arrived to her house. Come here! Do not be afraid I am with you; I will be here no matter what! You showed me how to love and see the beauty of life. You are my little daughter and my big love, I will not leave you no matter what they do to us, we will always be together and no one will tear us apart. Call me when you are done.

“Click”, the door opens…

“- Oh you’re finally here! It’s not too late!
– What’s the matter? You said we need to talk..
– Come here, who is this bitch? What are these love messages? “I love you”! “My wife”!
Is this how I raised you? What happened to you? What’s wrong with you? Loving a woman like you! God forbid! Are you sick? My girl, if something is wrong with you please tell me.. I’ll take you to a shrink. Please, my girl, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you take these things out of your mind. Didn’t you think of us? Didn’t you think of what people may think of us? Did you forget you’re living in Tunisia? You love a woman! What’s the difference between you and whores? I got sick to my stomach reading your facebook messages. How are you living? Who’s of you is the woman and who’s the man? Didn’t you think of the future? Don’t you want to have a family and children like normal people? Who would want to marry you when you’re like this? Do you think your degree will intercede for you? Is this what you learned in the university? What you’re doing is illegal for God’s sake! I will not tell you that it is a sin because, it appears that you don’t know God anymore…
Who is she? Where did you find her? where did she come from? That trashy girl will drag you to hell! (Tears)
– Please mom, I have to stop you there! Don’t say another bad word about her! That woman opened my eyes to the world, to the beauty of life. I love her, I love her cents and every bit of her, I love her loughs, her looks, her small details and even her mood swings. That woman who will drag me to hell, she “dragged” me to a distant and beautiful world, a heaven. She brought the joy of life back to me. I love her like a woman loves a woman. She makes happy, with her I feel alive. No man on this planet is capable of making feel the same.
I know you won’t understand my feelings, you didn’t know love, even with dad. But know that I will not let go of her no matter what and together we will stand to the whole world (a slap.. a tear.. a silence).”

She took her handbag and slammed the door.

“Hello, she knows, she knows everything. I don’t know what to do..
– Don’t be afraid, you are not alone, I am with you. Go to our usual spot, I’ll meet you there.
– I love you
– I adore you”

Written by: Climensia S
Translated from tunisian dialect by: Ghada ( A Female Existence)


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